Installation check

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If you have problem using your certificate, you can run the following program to identify it:

It can send information directly to us. After report is accepted, it will show nine digit number, that can be used by our support team to see test result. If you do not have Internet connection or direct sending failed, you can save report and send it to

Reader and card should be connected to the computer when test program is started.


On Linux this program uses one of following packages to show its user interface - python-tk for Debian/Ubuntu, tkinter for Fedora/RedHat or zenity. If you do not have any of them installed, it will still work, but only from terminal.

Some distributions disables starting of programs from file manager. In this case you can do the following - open terminal, drag executable file from file manager, drop it on terminal and press Enter key to start it.

Alternative method to start our test program is to copy file in clipboard and paste it in terminal. After this you must remove first part of file address (file://), until only one slash (/) is left in the start. After this you can start it with Enter.

In both cases you should see path like this one in terminal - /home/test/Downloads/SystemInfo/SystemInfo-x86_64