Using your digital signature in Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows

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Before you proceed you must do

  • IMPORTANT WHEN USING THE PRODICTS OF MOZILLA!!!: When you use Mozilla prodsucts you must know, that it uses direct access to smart cards. When we install succesfully certificates in Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird , WE MUST NOT delete them from there, because that way we will delete them from the smart card along the public and private keys!

The prefered way Firefox and Thunderbird is through InfoNotary Configurator for Mozilla. After the extension is installed everything will be configured If you prefer to do it manually follow the steps:

Install Infonotary certificate chain

You can find Infonotary root certificates in the Installation CD in folder “certificates” or on the web site INotaryCertChain.p12.

Start Mozilla Thunderbird. From Tools Choose Options.

Install Windows - Mozilla Thunderbird Options.png

Choose Privacy, tab Security, as it shown and click View Certificates.

From here the process is analogical for all Mozilla applications.

Шаблон:Installation of Infonotary certificate chain in Mozilla

Install software security module

Start Thunderbird from the menu Tools choose Options.

Install Windows - Mozilla Thunderbird Options - 02.png

Choose tab Privacy, then Security, as it shown and click Security Devices.

From here the procedure is analogical for all Mozilla applications.

To add a new device, select the Load


Change the name of the module (Module Name), as desired.


Select PKCS # 11 library corresponding to your smart card.

  • Siemens - C:\WINDOWS\system32\siecap11.dll
  • Charismathics - C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmP11.dll
  • Bit4id - C:\WINDOWS\system32\bit4ipki.dll

In case you use 64 bits version of Firefox or Thunderbird and Charismathics smart card, path to library is C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmP1164.dll.

After you click OK, your smart card will appear in the list of available devices.