Using your digital signature in Microsoft Outlook

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Before you begin

Set your user profile in Microsoft Outlook

In order that you sign your e-mails you must associate your user profile (account) with your digital signature, on the smart card. This can be done this way:

  • For version Microsoft Outlook 2013/2016

Start Microsoft Outlook.

Choose File.

Outlook2016 ConfigCertificate.PNG

From the menu, choose Options.

Outlook2016 ConfigCertificate2.PNG

From Trust Center, click on Trust Center Settings.

Outlook2016 ConfigCertificate3.PNG

Choose Email Security and click Settings.

Outlook2016 ConfigCertificate4.PNG

Type your e-mail in the field Security Settings Name.

Press "Choose" and choose your certificate to select signing certificate. Confirm with OK.

Outlook2016 ConfigCertificate5.PNGOutlook2016 ConfigCertificate6.PNG

To sign a message, choose Options and click on Sign.

Outlook2016 ConfigCertificate7.PNG

Every time when you send signed e-mails you must insert your smart card. When you send you will be prompted for PIN.