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Before proceeding you must do

If you own a smart card reader InfoNotary but have not installed the drivers for it, follow the instructions Installation of smart card reader and smart card drivers in Linux.

  • IMPORTANT : In the information message "Please enter the master password for InfoNotary", enter your PIN code.
  • IMPORTANT : Firefox and Thunderbird use direct access to the smart card. When you have successfully installed your certificates, you SHOULD NOT delete them from there, as this will also delete the certificate, along with the private and public keys on the smart card. After that, the certificate cannot be restored and a new one must be issued.
  • IMPORTANT : In order to use your certificate with Firefox and Thunderbird, the reader must be on your computer before opening the program.

Install Infonotary certificate chain

Before you can start using the certificate, you must install the Infonotary certificate chain.

Certificate chain for certificates issued before 08.01.2018 - INotaryCertChain.p12.

Certificate chain for certificates issued after 08.01.2018 - InfoNotary_Qualified_eIDAS.p12

Start Firefox Quantum. From the menu, choose Preferences.

Preferences menu Linux.png

From Privacy & Security, choose View Certificates.


Choose the tab Your certificates and click on Import.

View certificate Linux.png

Specify the path to certification chain - INotaryCertChain.p12 or InfoNotary_Qualified_eIDAS.p12

Import Qualifief Linux.png

Leave the field blank and click OK.

Password Linux.png

Newly installed certificates can be found in section Authorities.

Edit Trust Linux.png

In Mozilla for every certificate of a Certification Authority (CA) the user must choose a level of trust. This is done by selecting the certificate and clicking on Edit Trust. The easiest way to do this setting for the certificate "InfoNotary CSP Root" and/or "InfoNotary TSP Root" select two possible options. This will make all the InfoNotary trusted certificates for all operations.

Edit CA Linux.png

Install software security module

In order to use you digital certificate with Mozilla based applications like Firefox, Thunderbird etc., you must register PKCS#11 module, for your smart card. It is nessesary to install the drivers for the smart card before that.

Start Firefox Quantum. From the menu, choose Preferences.

Preferences menu Linux.png

From Privacy & Security, choose Security Devices.

Privavy&securityLinux sec dev.png

To add a new device, choose Load.

Load device Linux.png

Change the name of the module (Module Name), as desired.

Load PKCS11 Linux1.png

Choose PKCS#11 library, that correspondents to your smart card съответстващата на вашата смарт карта. OpenSC - in dependents of your distribution, which you use, it could be:

  • 64 bits Debian distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) - /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
  • 32 bits Debian distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) - /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
  • Old versions of Debian/Ubuntu and 32 bit versions of RedHat/Fedora - /usr/lib/
  • 64 bit versions of RedHat/Fedora - /usr/lib64/


  • Standart location - /usr/lib/bit4id/
  • 64 bit version of RedHat/Fedora - /usr/lib64/


  • Standart location - /usr/local/lib/

After you click OK, your smart card will appear in the list of available devices.