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For your convenience InfoNotary offers repositories with deb and rpm packages for software that is not open source.

For Fedora, RedHat or CentOS

To register InfoNotary repository in yum or dnf you must install this rpm package with the following command in terminal:

sudo rpm -Uvh

All packages are signed with gpg key with following fingerprint:

9c14 29cf 1cdb 76bd 5efe 9cf1 ade8 9959 0dae 44fe

For Debian, Ubuntu and Mint

The following commands must be entered in terminal. You can read what is terminal and hot to use it in Ubuntu documentation or in answer in askubuntu.

1. Add InfoNotary public PGP key to the list of trusted APT keys:

wget -qO -

2. Download repository configuration file in apt configuration directory:

sudo wget -qO /etc/apt/sources.list.d/infonotary.list

3. Update information for repositories with the following command:

sudo apt-get update

Warning.jpg Tested on Ubuntu 9.04+.