How to unblock your PIN

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In case you dialed three wrong PIN codes your card is blocked and you need to unblock your PIN, using Infonotary Smart Card Manager.

Open Smart Card Manager, mark yours smart card (InfoNotary) and choose Unblock PIN

ISCM Main Screen EN.png

Enter your AIN code in the new window and type your new PIN code twice. The AIN code can be found on the printout, titled "Smart Card Access Rights", which you received along with you smart card (sample printout).

Keep in mind that the minimum and maximum length of the PIN depends on your smart card model.

ISCM Unblock EN.png

If the operation is successful, the following message appears:

ISCM Successful EN.png

If you entered wrong AIN you will get the following error:

ISCM Unsuccessful EN.png

WarningYellow.png Warning: In case you enter three times wrong AIN for Bit4id and five times for Siemens you will permanently block the smart card and it should be replaced!

This method for PIN unblock will not work with OpenSC. Instructions for OpenSC are avaiable on Working with OpenSC page.