Configuring Adobe reader Mac Catalina

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In the new Catalina (Mac OS 15), user certificates are not loaded into KeyChain Access, so you need to configure Adobe to work directly with your smart card. This is done by adding the cryptographic module to your card.

Attaching a hardware cryptographic module

1. From menu Adobe Reader choose Preferences.

Adobe cong catalina.jpg

2. Choose category Signatures and click More from section Identities & Trusted certificates.

Adobe cong catalina2.jpg

3. Click on Digital IDs and choose PKCS#11 Modules and Tokens.

Adobe cong catalina3.jpg

4. Press the button Attach module and enter the path to the library for your smart card. You can copy and paste from the information below.

Adobe cong catalina4.jpg


Charismathics- /Applications/Charismathics/libcmP11.dylib

Siemens- /Library/OpenSC/lib/

Bit4id- /Library/bit4id/pkcs11/libbit4ipki.dylib

  • In case you do not know the model of your smart card, call our support to help you or use our tool for testing installation.

5. If set correctly, the model of your card will be displayed.

  • Select your card in the right and click Login. Dial your PIN to change the status to Logged in.

Adobe cong catalina5.jpg

Signing in Adobe Reader DC

Signing in Adobe Reader DC is identical for all operating systems.