Шаблон:Install software security module in Mozilla applications

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To add a new device, select the Load


Change the name of the module (Module Name), as desired.


Select PKCS # 11 library corresponding to your smart card.

  • Siemens - C:\WINDOWS\system32\siecap11.dll
  • Charismathics - C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmP11.dll
  • Bit4id - C:\WINDOWS\system32\bit4ipki.dll

In case you use unoficial 64 bits version of Firefox or Thunderbird for Windows and Charismathics smart card PKCS#11 library is C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmP1164.dll.

If you have selected the correct module will come confirmation dialog similar to the following:

Install Windows - Mozilla Firefox Options - 10.png

Choose OK to the confirmation of the operation of addition of the module.

Install Windows - Mozilla Firefox Options - 11.png

After you click OK, your smart card will appear in the list of available devices.